Runes are characters in the ancient alphabet used by Anglo-Saxon peoples. Runic inscriptions have been found all over western Europe, on stone monuments and on such objects as metal spearpoints and amulets; the greatest concentrations are in England and Scandinavia. The runic alphabet, called futhark after the sounds of the initial letters, originally had 25 characters.

In English versions the number was eventually increased to 33, whereas in Scandinavia it was reduced to 16 and later expanded to 26. It is believed that runes are derived from a northern Etruscan alphabet used among Italic tribes in the eastern Alps, and that they were developed in the 2nd or 3rd century AD by a Germanic people living in the region of modern Bohemia. The earliest surviving inscription is from the mid-3rd century.

Runes were in wide use from the 4th to the 12th century. A form of runes was used in Scandinavia throughout the Middle Ages as an alternative to the Latin alphabet used by the clergy, and runes survived in occasional use in rural Sweden at least until the 17th century. Runes were also used to augment the Latin alphabet for certain sounds, notably the thorn (þ, th) used in Anglo-Saxon England and modern Iceland.

Oracle The runes are an ancient oracle, they are a means of communication with the knowledge of our subconscious minds - the Higher Self. Consulting the runes will put you in touch with your own inner guidance, the part of you that knows everything you need to know for your life now. 
Concentrate for a moment or two about the situation that you wish to have insight into.
Choose a rune from the array of 3 runes below, click on the chosen rune and read the message presented.
More If you need further insight click on back and choose another rune. But do not choose more than 3 runes in any 1 session.



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